Indosiar TV

is one of the national private television station inIndonesia. This television station operating from the Daan Mogot,West Jakarta. Indosiar founded and controlled by the Salim Groupthrough PT Indosiar Karya Media Tbk, which is listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange.
In broadcasting, Indosiar many stressed cultures. One program is a culture that is always displayed show puppet show on Saturday night.
Indosiar logo shape is very similar to the logo of TelevisionBroadcasts Limited, Hong Kong. Indosiar manayangkan initiallydid a lot of Hong Kong dramas. For example serial Return of TheCondor Heroes, starring Andy Lau, To Liong To, starring TonyLeung. Both are quite popular among the spectators.
In addition, Indosiar also sinetron-sinetron Indonesia popularize thetheme of love and family (starting from the emergence flattered),reality shows that involve the audience emotionally and SMSdirectly (starting from the emergence of AFI), infotainment KISS(Acts Regarding celebrity). Indosiar also publish children's show orcartoon that pretty much every day of the week from 06.30 to 12.00pm, children events ever popular Indosiar is, Dragon Ball, Digimon,Pokemon, Bleach, Naruto, Gundam, etc. other